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Allysa Cortado Espiritu. Age of 19. Third year college student. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology major in System Development at Central Luzon State University. I Love God. I love my Family. I Love My Friends even my enemies and most of all I Love BITS! Be the first rate version of yourself ! Just keep moving forward and don't give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do! Yea. \m/ #RockOn

Goodmorning. Hahah. done VLAN configuration ! :D #VLAN

Goodmorning. Hahah. done VLAN configuration ! :D

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HAHAHA. random pictures with my friends

@Central Luzon State University :))






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Builders of Information Technology Society 10th Anniversary. :)

Choose to look on the bright side. ONE DECADE OF BUILDING!!

V.I.V.A. B.I.T.S!!

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“Hey. Goodevening. :))”

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